My Mom and I at The Corners of Brookfield

Remember that super random snowy day we had a couple weeks ago? I wasn't bothered by it at all because my Mom and I spent the day at The Corners of Brookfield and had an amazing time! We started by enjoying a little brunch and a matcha latte (which are all the rage right now!) at Goddess and the Baker. We both really enjoyed our meal and the vibe. We sat at this cool marble counter top so it felt just like we were hanging at my parent's house at their kitchen island! Once we were energized from our brunch we headed to Anthony Vince Nail Spa to get our nails done! My Mom loved being pampered here. They had a great color selection and the staff was super friendly! We're really looking forward to going back!

Next up was Kendra Scott. Hard to really choose but that might have been my favorite activity of the day! The stores features the Kendra Scott Color Bar which basically allows you to customize your own piece of jewelry! I was a little worried it would be hard to decided what worked and what looked best together but the staff their was so nice and helpful! I made a necklace and my Mom made earrings. The girl that worked with us was saying it's super popular for weddings! Brides, their Mom's, the bridal party, etc. all come in and make their own jewelry for the big day! I thought that was a great idea! Of course after all the activity and excitement nothing sounded better than some margaritas from Bel Air Cantina! I had a spicy margarita (love those jalapenos!) and my Mom had mango and I'll admit we ate quite a few chips and salsa! Bel Air has THE BEST salsas!

It was such a fantastic day! My Mom really enjoyed us spending it together and of course being pampered. I'm telling you all this because Mother's Day is coming up and this would make the perfect Mother's Day gift for your Mom! It just so happens you can WIN this ultimate experience at The Corners of Brookfield HERE!

Just in case you still need to be swayed here's a video that captured our fun day.

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