Spring Cleaning? Get Rid Of These Things Now!

Ah spring cleaning. One of my favorite activities! It feels so good to take everything out, wipe everything down, get rid of tons of things you don't need. I love taking a day when I don't have anything planned, throwing on some comfy clothes and just going to town on cleaning. I usually end up wasting time looking at old pictures, reminiscing about stuff I found hidden places, etc. but it's such a fun day! You feel so good once you get it all cleaned out! I imagine you have a spring cleaning day coming up soon so here are a few items from the msn.com list of 51 things to toss right now that I thought were best to get rid of asap. You can find all 51 items from msn.com here.

  1. Clothes - we end up hanging onto way too many clothes. If you haven't worn something in a year toss it
  2. Shoes - same goes for shoes. I end up hanging onto old shoes for some reason and I never end up wearing them so they just sit there
  3. Wire hangers - this is a tough one for me as you usually get them free from your dry cleaners but they can actually damage your clothes
  4. Single socks - why are we hanging onto these. That matching sock is never coming back
  5. Foods with freezer burn - it's always a good idea to clean out your fridge and freezer. There ends up being a few items in there you completely forgot out
  6. Food storage containers - we save and save and save and then end up with tons we don't need
  7. Device cords - I have so many cords for electronics I'm hanging onto just in case I need them but I have no idea to what they belong
  8. Instruction manuals - I hang onto these just in case I need to reference them. Waste of space as you can probably just get it online for free
  9. Office supplies - no you don't need 800 pens. Half of them probably don't even work anymore



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