Age 33 is when you turn into your Mom

According to a new study out of the UK done by Dr. Julian De Silva, we all turn into our parents at some point but turns out it might be happening sooner than we thought! Dr. De Silva surveyed over 2,000 people about when they started to feel and act like their parents or say things their parents would say and over half said they noticed this between 30 and 33 years old! That seems to be a bit younger than we all initially thought. Dr. De Silva explained that it most likely has to do with becoming a parent. When you start raising your own kids your behaviors start to reflect how you were raised. It can also have to do with the fact that when we first knew our Mom it was most commonly when she was in her early 30s. Click here to read more from

I'm definitely the product of my parents. I'm so similar to them both it's pretty crazy! Although I'm in my early 30s I feel I noticed I was like my Mom years ago. We're so close though so that could explain why I might have realized it sooner than the norm. My Mom is top notch. One of the most amazing people on this planet so I'm happy I'm turning into her. Maybe not emotionally though. We used to tease her about always crying, at what we thought were really dumb, simple things, but now I'll admit I cry over a song, TV show, movie, etc. When that happens I always say "I'm turning into my mother!."

Here are some pictures of my amazing Mom!



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