University has banned Netflix, Hulu and more

Man it must be hard to be a teacher now a days. Back in my day the biggest distraction we had in class was us writing and passing notes...on paper! Now teachers need to deal with kids watching Netflix and Hulu while in class?! Wow. Purdue University is taking action against students not paying attention in class by banning Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services according to the Chicago Tribune. The popular streaming services will be blocked in all academic buildings starting this week after some faculty complained that the internet had become so slow that some of their applications were unusable during class due to all the bandwidth being used. The never ending struggle of keeping distracted students engaged has gotten even worse now that they have access to so much more on their phones. So far there hasn't been much push back which might come off as surprising but if students complained about the sites being blocked that would mean they are admitting to watching TV and movies while in class right?!

Click here to read more on this from the Chicago Tribune.



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