FRIENDS spin off ideas that could be better than a reboot!

I have read many times that us "Friends" fans will be forever disappointed as the show is never getting a reboot. Many articles have the co-creator Marta Kauffman stating that it will literally never happen. As much as I LOVE the show friends and certainly wouldn't mind it coming back as a reboot I do think maybe it's best that it doesn't. The expectations would be so high and if it turned out to not be amazing we would all be so disappointed.

So instead of a reboot, how about a spin off!! has a few spin off ideas that I really like!

  1. The one with all the kids: this show would be centered around all their kids like the triplets, Ben, Emma, Jack and Erica and I think I actually really like this idea!
  2. The one with Phoebe's Backstory: now that would be one interesting show. So many crazy things happened to Phoebe and there would be a way to tie in all the other characters.
  3. The one with all the missing Janice Content: "Oh my God" how fun would that be? She actually had lots of character development when she wasn't in a relationship with Chandler so it might be funny to see her side of things.
  4. The one with Bamboozled: This is my favorite! Who wouldn't want to see that game show actually brought to life!

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