Are you team Bud or Miller?

I'm sure you've noticed by now Budweiser is going hard at Miller with their "anti-Miller' ads. It seems to have started during the Super Bowl when they ran ads saying that Miller uses corn syrup to ferment its beer. Budweiser then moved onto outdoor billboards to call Miller out. This is obviously an advertising ploy that is trying to get attention but Budweiser might need to be worried about the bad attention it's getting. Could this negative campaign backfire for them?

There's a bar in Bay View, a Milwaukee neighborhood, that is literally pouring their Budweiser beer down the drain! I saw it on a commercial for the news! The bar is Puddler's Hall and a bartender there explained that they don't like someone attacking and trash talking our city. It's a beer city and always will be. They've pulled all their Budweiser products and don't really feel they'll lose much money. You can read more about this story from here.

So the question is, because of this advertising are you now going to stop supporting Budweiser as well or do you feel that's just how advertising works and they have every right to call out Miller for this?



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