Aldi groceries are coming to Kohl's

Is this a match made in heaven or is it just weird? You'll now be able to get your groceries along with your socks, home goods, athletic gear, etc all in one stop as Aldi groceries are now coming to Kohl's department stores. You may remember that years ago Kohl's did sell groceries as well but then moved toward focusing on just the department store end of things. Looks like their bringing that old plan back due to having some extra space in their stores. According to Taste of Home, Kohl's has chosen more than 300 stores that are ready to add in Aldi but are planning to start small. They are testing this plan right here in Wisconsin as one store in Waukesha is the first to open its doors with the Aldi-Kohl's mix. They share the same building but have separate entrances. So what are the chances your Kohl's store will also have an Aldi in it? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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