Surviving Milwaukee Winters How To Guide

Although I don't love winter, I don't think I would mind it as much if it didn't last soooooooooo long. We end up feeling so cooped up because it's so cool and snowy we just don't feel like going out. Thanks to though we don't need to be stuck inside the whole winter. You still might not feel like going out but at least there's this list to always remind you of all the things you could be doing to make the best of it. Here are some of my favorite ideas and the rest can be found at

  1. Visit The Domes - They're warm inside!
  2. Carriage ride downtown
  3. Tour The Pabst Mansion
  4. Make your way through Lori's 52 restaurants for your 2019 bucket list
  5. Learn to curl
  6. Check into a B&B in Door County
  7. Snowshoe in Doctor's Park



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