Make It Through Monday - Weekend full of adventure

When you're hanging out with me and my family it always seems to be an adventure so that's why I chose the quote below for my Make It Through Monday moment powered by Winkie's Hallmark & Gifts. Jaime and I spent the weekend in Madison with my cousins and their families and we had a blast! We went sledding (Jaime for the first time!), did an escape room (all of us for the first time), had car troubles when one wouldn't start (it can't all be fun an games!), ate lots of good food and really just enjoyed being together. Lots of laughs and memories were shared all while making new ones! We all have such busy schedules we aren't always able to get together but when we do we always have such an amazing time and I'm reminded just how grateful I am for everyone. Here's the quote and below are photos from the weekend!

The Escape Room was so much fun! It was really hard though! We had just one hour to try and figure out the forgotten Pharaoh's name. We were seriously so close. We literally just needed one more minute and we would have finished the final puzzle. I was pretty impressed with our group though as only 20-25% of people can escape this room. Our Game-master even came in afterwards and said what a great job we did. I'm bummed though as now I'm dying to know the answer!

Sledding was a blast too! It was so fun seeing Jaime go sledding for the first time. He had never seen snow before coming here in December for the first time so now it's fun showing him the good things about snow! We got a workout though. It look like 20 seconds to go down the hill and 20 minutes to walk back up. We had the hill to ourselves surprisingly which was awesome!

Such a great weekend with family and I can't wait to do it all again soon!

One of my favorite things about Winkie's Hallmark & Gifts is that it's a family run business. They genuinely care about their customers and put lots of thought into the items they sell at their store. Every time I go I always find something new on their shelves yet they know the items their customers love so they always seem to still have those stocked as well. You'll have a great experience inside the store but will leave feeling great as well. You can visit Winkie's Hallmark & Gifts at the corner of Silver Spring and Lake Drive in Whitefish Bay.

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