Make It Through Monday - Teens using rotary phone

By now you've probably seen this video of these two teens trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone.  It's pretty funny and brought back a memory for me!  My parents actually had a rotary phone quite a bit longer than most families.  I know this because one day my brother had a friend over and he wanted to call his Mom to see if he could stay for dinner and he literally didn't know how to use the phone.  That's because my parents still had a rotary phone!  I think it was at that point they realized maybe they should upgrade to a newer phone but to this day we still laugh about that.  I hope you enjoy my Make It Through Monday moment, powered by Winkie's in Whitefish Bay.


Unlike my parents, Winkie's is always on top of the latest and greatest!  In fact to kick off the new year they have lots of new items on their shelves you'll want to go check out.  But don't be disappointed because they still have all your favorite classic items.  You can visit Winkie's in Whitefish Bay right on the corner of Silver Spring and Lake Drive.


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