Make It Through Monday - Happy New Year!

Happy 2019!   I can't believe a new year is already here.  2018 sure flew by fast.  Getting into shape and having a healthier lifestyle is one of the most popular new year's resolutions.  I don't know about yours but my gym, Princeton Club of New Berlin, is always so busy around this time of year!  I'm glad to see people there and I hope they stick with it!  You know I love my gym so I fully support anyone who decides now is the time for them to go.  Getting into shape or shedding a few pounds is definitely difficult though as it's a lifestyle adjustment.  I hope if you've chosen to make healthier choices, eat better and attend a gym regularly you're able to stick with it.  I can promise you, you won't regret it!  If now's just not your time then just know you can always start again and at least you've done better than this guy in the background of this video!  And if you are like this guy, then at least post your video on the internet and get lots of clicks!  


I thought this was a fun way to start off my Make It Through Monday Moments, powered by Winkie's in Whitefish Bay, for 2019.  Winkie's is definitely ready for the new year!  They of course have all your favorite things like their many isles and options of cards and their candy counter but the store is filled with lots of new stuff as well you're going to want to check out!  You can find Winkie's right at the corner of Silver Spring and Lake Drive in Whitefish Bay!  There's even a parking lot behind the store!  Have fun shopping! 



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