Are your favorite foods some of the most unhealthy?

I love good food and I love to eat.  In fact it's one of my favorite things to do!  I like healthy food, snack food, bad for me food, yes I pretty much like it all!  One of the worst feelings ever is when you were trying so hard to eat healthy and you find out that food item that was supposedly super healthy and good for you really isn't!  Things are advertised as the healthier option and then you find out that totally ins't true.  It's really hard for normal people, meaning people who haven't been trained in the science of eating healthy, to know what we really should be eating and shouldn't. 

I found this article of the 75 unhealthiest foods on the planet, from,  just in case you wanted to check it out.  Again I have no background in this so I'm just sharing an article I found.  Take it for what it's worth.  If I had to provide any piece of advice it would just be "everything in moderation." :)  The cool thing about this article is that instead of just saying don't eat this, it gives you an alternate option! 

Here are some of the food items from the list that surprised me the most!  You can get the complete list from here.  

  1. Bottled Smoothies
  2. Coffee Creamer
  3. Frozen Entrees
  4. Brown Rice
  5. Diet Ice Cream
  6. Bouillon Cubes 
  7. Instant Oatmeal Packets
  8. Dried Fruit Snacks
  9. Wheat Bread
  10. Pickles

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