Make It Through Monday - Change

I struggle with change.  There I said it out lout.  I do not do well with change.  Even if change is good I still struggle!  It's scary not knowing if the right decision was made.  Even more so when the change is out of your control.  I've been going through some change in my life recently and will be experiencing more in the future and I'm having a hard time not freaking out about it.  In the end you have to have faith it will all work out.  Often times it takes awhile for us to realize that the change that happened was actually a good thing  And if in the end it wasn't, we'll still survive and just deal with it since we're fighters right?

I just love a good quote that get's you thinking and changes your outlook.  A few other people in my life have been going through some major changes and they've continued to stay positive so I figured I need to as well!  Here's your Make It Through Monday moment powered by Winkie's in Whitefish Bay.  

This one a friend of mine shared on Facebook recently.  I love the last couple lines: When nothing is certain, anything is possible.  Let's not forget that! 

And here are some words of wisdom from one amazing guy!

I hope if you're going through some major changes in your life you're able to look on the bright side and get through it without freaking out.  I know it's a challenge but remember you're not alone.  When in doubt look up "inspirational quotes" on pinterest.  ;)

And when an inspirational quote or funny dog video won't pick you up, head into Winkie's in Whitefish Bay.  I promise you'll leave feeling great!  They are a family run business that cares about their customers and always has the highest quality for the best price available to you.  It's fun being in the store during the holidays but just any old day as well!  They have no problem with change!  They always have new exciting items!  Check them out at the corner of Silver Spring and Lake Drive in Whitefish Bay.   

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