Make It Through Monday - Jokes

I was having a hard time getting inspired for today.  I didn't have anything great I wanted to share for My Make It Through Monday Moment, powered by Winkie's in Whitefish Bay, so I opened it up to my team members here at work?  Anyone have anything funny, inspiriting, etc. they can share with me?  Sure enough my team members came through as one of them said "I have a joke!" 

Why does the Duck have feathers?  To cover his "butt quack".   

I was a little hesitant to share this one as I'm not one to say "butt quack" on the air but I literally laughed out loud when I heard it and so did others!  Soon enough a few other things were shared and we were all laughing and I thought this was perfect.  This was exactly the inspiration I needed for today.  One of my favorite things in this world is laughing and I had a really good one today.  I hope after hearing that joke and the few others I found below, you also had the chance to enjoy a good laugh today!

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