Make It Through Monday - Big Accomplishment

I'll admit I'm not the most patient person.  My Dad can fix anything and that is always so impressive to me because I just don't always have the patience to dinker around with something until it's fixed.  I just want it fixed right away.  I also have the fear that if I try to fix it on my own then I'll probably just break it and make it worse or I won't be able to put it back together again!  I'm pretty sure that's how you learn though right?  You take things apart and maybe can't put it back together again right away but you keep trying and eventually it all comes together!  My Make It Through Monday Moment, powered by Winkies in Whitefish Bay, has a little something to do with this theme today.

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

I was pretty proud of myself this weekend when I "took apart" my sewing machine and fixed it!  It all started with the day I was having.  You know those days where you're dropping and spilling everything, making stupid mistakes, etc.?  Yeah that was me this past Saturday.  So when my Dad asked me to fix a little part of his American Flag that was coming undone, I probably should have said no as it was a struggle for me that day to just resew a little part of it!  Long story short, I NEVER use my automatic threader on my sewing machine because I really don't know how to use it but for some reason I gave it a try and of course it got stuck.  Just my luck.  I ended up having to take apart my machine so I could figure out why in the world it wouldn't pop right back up like it normally does.  Me taking apart my sewing machine and trying to fix it is a big deal for me because I don't have much patience and I'm always worried I'll just make the problem worse.  In the end I'm glad I took the risk and remained patient because I ended up fixing it myself and was super proud!  My Dad's flag is as good as new and I accomplished something new this weekend!  Take the risk because you won't be able to say you fixed it all on your own if you don't try first and it feels so good when you do accomplish it!  



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