Make It Through Monday - New Day

It doesn't matter how much you love your job, it's always hard coming back to work after a weekend.  I wonder who started making Mondays such a negative experience though?  I realize why we look forward to the weekends but I think if we can train our minds to start looking forward to Mondays too, we'd be way better off!  I absolutely love my job, I love being busy and no matter what I'm always giving 110%.  I love having that quality but it does take a toll on you sometimes.  I work so much and it's a fast paced, extremely busy job most of the time.  My schedule is so full I end up working weekends too so then it's really hard to come back on a Monday.  I've been extra stressed and overwhelmed lately so when I found this quote I realized it's exactly what I needed right now and perfect for my Make It Through Monday Moment powered by Winkie's in Whitefish Bay!

Let's head into each Monday thinking this now instead: New Monday, New Week, New Goals.  No matter what happened the day or week before we can start fresh on this Monday and make it all better!  Much easier said than done I know but let's try and see what happens!  So with that being said Happy Monday! 



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