Make It Through Monday Moment - When Tuesday is Monday

Long holiday weekends and shorter work weeks are so great...except when Tuesday is your Monday.  I swear coming back to work after a long holiday weekend and making it through that "Tuesday" is harder than any old Monday.  I promise I'm not complaining about a shorter work week but it's kind of like vacation.  You have to work so hard to prepare for that extra day off and then when you come back you're playing catch up!  Ok I'm done complaining about having an extra day off work for a holiday weekend!  :)  It feels good to be back at work today.  You know I love my routines!  Here's your "Make It Through Monday Moment" powered by Winkie's in Whitefish Bay.  I thought this was pretty much perfect for today.  

I found this meme at  They have lots more fun images too so check it out!  

Don't forget to visit Winkie's in Whitefish Bay!  They're helping us out with our end of summer blues by putting lots of new fall items on their shelves!  

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