Hannah's weekend in five pictures

Since I was gone last Monday and didn't get to do my weekend in pictures blog I decided to combine the weekend of 8/10-12 and this past weekend!  I figured you wouldn't mind!   So let's go back to the previous weekend.  I took my mom, aunts and cousin to go see Reba at State Fair and it was the most amazing time.  I had never seen Reba and my aunts are HUGE fans so it was really cool to surprise them with tickets.  Years ago they had told me that if she ever came, that was the show they wanted to go see so when I found out she was coming you better believe I made it happen!  Pictured left to right is my aunt Jackie, her daughter Kristi, my Mom, my aunt Cindy and me.  Look at those smiles!! 

Oh I forgot to mention.  I got us 2nd row tickets!!!  We were so close and had literally the perfect seats!  I must say Reba still looks soooo good!  

Also that weekend I was dog sitting for my buddy Sampson.  He is seriously the cutest dog ever and is so well behaved!  Here's the thing about Sampson though...he literally NEVER gets tired of chasing his ball.  I could literally throw him the ball all.day.long and he would just keep chasing it!  We always have so much fun.  Dog sitting is perfect for me because I just can't have a dog with my busy lifestyle but I love them so it's great that I get my "fix" every now and again with dog sitting Sampson!  Isn't he just the cutest!!  

Ok now transitioning to this past weekend, my friends Becky and Nick got married!  She was the most beautiful bride!!  We had such an amazing time dancing and celebrating with them.  I just love how weddings bring people together.  You get to see people you haven't seen in forever and you end up catching up and feel like you were never a part.  We need someone to get married like once a month so we all have a reason to get dressed up, go dancing and hang out!  I think the most exciting part of this weeding was Nick's (the groom) big smile.  As Becky was walking down the isle I was watching Nick and that smile he had on his face was the sweetest thing ever!  Here I am with the bride and groom!

Last but certainly not least is me, Kaitlin, Becky and Jen.  I feel like I say this every week but I literally have the most amazing friends.  We have no drama, we're always there for each other and have seriously have so much fun when we're together.  This was towards the end of the night...can you tell I'm a little "sparkly" from dancing?!  The ceremony was at Saint Teresa of Calcutta in Hartland and the reception was at Nashotah Park.  The weather couldn't have been better, the food was delicious and they had the "WinneBeerGo beer garden on-site.  If you haven't seen this it's so cool!  It's a beer trailer but it's an actual Winnebago travel trailer!  So fun!  You can check them out here.  

We'll that's a wrap on another two weekends.  Thanks so much for checking out my pics and I hope you had a fun weekend too! 

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