100 best movies of all time

One of my favorite things to do during my free time is watch movies.  In fact, I wish I got to the theater more and not just because I love the popcorn!  If someone asked me what my all time favorite movie was I'm not sure I could respond.  There are just too many I love.  There are the ones you watch every time they're on TV even if you've seen them a million times.  There are the ones that you can only watch just once they are that good.  And there are ones you don't even love but just watch because it's a movie! MSN Entertainment put together a list of the 100 Best Movies of All Time.  A few I was excited to see on the list were:

  1. To Kill A Mockingbird
  2. The Artist
  3. Saving Private Ryan
  4. Inception
  5. Coco
  6. 12 Years A Slave
  7. Singin' In The Rain
  8. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  9. The Shawshank Redemption 
  10. Goodfellas

There's actually quite a few on the list I haven't seen yet so looks like I've got some movies to watch!  Click here to check out the complete list.  



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