Make It Through Monday - Family Togetherness Time

Most people were complaining about the heat this past weekend but I was loving it!  We couldn't have had better weather for the weekend we had planned.  On Saturday, pretty much my Dad's whole side of the family was out at my parents' house for a lake day.  We had SO much food, played on the water all day and shared so many laughs and stories.  Unfortunately it's not very often we all get together but when we do, man is it a great time.  It was brought up so many times by every single person how great it was we were all together and that we wish we did it more often.  

That got me thinking, why don't we?  The first reason that comes to my mind is the word busy.  My response is always that I'm just so busy.  But why?  What am I filling my time with that's more important than spending it with those that I love and make me happy?  Now I have a schedule that might be a bit more packed than most.  I have a job that I love of course, but it takes up lots of my time.  I'm someone that rarely says no to anything so I end up filling up any free time I might of had.  When the conversation of why we don't get together more often came up between myself and my cousin, I made this comment: "If it's on my calendar, I'm there."  So the problem is not about being too busy, it's about taking the time to get it on my calendar because if it is, I'll be there.  As more conversations happened throughout the day, my Dad ended up sharing a story that ultimately led to him telling everyone to enjoy you're family while they're here as they won't always be.  

Here's my Make It Through Monday moment for today, powered by Winkie's in Whitefish Bay, which was inspired by my weekend with family and friends.  In this picture are three of my cousins (pictured from left) Courtney, Tiffany and Kara as well as their husbands Don, John and Ryan and all their adorable kids!  Can you find me in this picture?  So many people thought I was their 4th sister we all looked so much a like!  

So I encourage you to take the time to plug "family togetherness time," as I like to call it, into your calendars.  It's about time we fill up our schedules with things and people that make us happy and enjoy them while we can.  

If there's any business that understands the value of family it's Winkie's in Whitefish Bay.  They've been a family run business and celebrating with the community since 1964.  I think that's a big part of why I immediately loved the place when I went for the first time.  My Dad and his brothers also run a family business that was started by their Dad (my grandpa) so I love their business model and what they're all about!  I encourage you to stop by and visit Winkie's when you have a chance!  You can even win a $20 gift card which I'll be giving away this Wednesday, 8/8 around 3:10pm on 95.7 BIG FM.  

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