Hannah's weekend in five pictures!

Don't you just love a good laugh?  When you're laughing so hard your cheeks hurt and you literally can't breathe?  That's what it was like while I was in Denver celebrating my friend Becky's Bachelorette party.  There ended up being 13 girls total so you can imagine the fun we had and surprisingly enough we stayed out of trouble.  Well for the most part, but what happens in Denver stays in Denver!

The below picture is part of the group who came the first night and stayed the whole time!  We walked around town a bit and ended up on at a restaurant called Tamayo.  We sat on their rooftop enjoying some apps and cocktails and spent the night catching up since it had been a while since we were all together.  This picture was taken in front of the restaurant which is located in a super cute area called Larimer Square.  Pictured left to right is me, Jen, Becky (the Bachelorette!), Chelsea, Heidi and Amanda. 

We took it pretty easy the first night knowing we had plans to get up early and do some yoga!  We ended up finding a park where we were surrounded by soft grass and beautiful flowers.  Literally the perfect setting to do yoga!  Our instructor was amazing and it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend.  I think people in the area enjoyed it too because lots of people stopped to watch and take pictures of us!  I guess it's not too often you have a group of beautiful ladies all wearing matching tank tops that say "bride tribe" doing yoga in a park together!

One thing I thought was so cool about our yoga experience was how we ended it.  Usually your session ends with everyone laying down in final relaxation pose called Savasana but our instructor had us circle up knees to knees, put our left hand over our own heart and our right had on the back (behind the heart) of our friend to the right.  She wanted to us all feel connected to each other reminding us of our great friendship.  It was a very emotional few minutes and I ended up tearing up a bit!  If you're ever in Denver looking for a yoga class please go to yoga pod and take a class from Caitlin Rose Kenney.  She was amazing! 

Later that night we hit the town ready to celebrate the bride to be!  We all got dolled up and started at a Mexican restaurant called Otra Vez Cantina.  We were upstairs and pretty much had the space to ourselves.  Our waiter was so fun and the atmosphere was great!  I had tacos (of course!) and a margarita with a vanilla infused tequila that the waiter recommended which was delicious!   As we were getting ready to head out to the next place, Becky's Mom told the whole table that our meal was completely paid for by a family friend of theirs for whom Becky used to babysit their kids for many years.  We were all in shock and so grateful!  It just goes to show you what a wonderful person Becky is that someone would do that for her and all her friends! 

Next stop was dancing which I was so ready for because I love dancing!!  We walked into Cowboy Lounge, grabbed a drink and headed to our reserved tables once again being told that our drinks were covered by Becky's family friend!  So amazing right?!  I was dancing up such a storm that I bet I lost 10 pounds!  Here's the entire group toasting to Becky! 

Now this is a picture of some of the best friends anyone could ask for.  Hands down I've got the best ones!  These pictures are all from different times during the weekend.  The top one is of me with Becky and Susan (who I was in school with since 8th grade!!) at Prost Brewing where we enjoyed some great German beer in their beer garden.  Bottom right is me with my friend Jen.  This picture was taken on top of the complex where we stayed.  It had a great view of the city and our loft was huge!  Plenty of room for 13 ladies!  The bottom left is of me and my friend Kaitlin at Avanti Food & Beverage which was like an adult food court with rooftop seating.  She had been gone from home traveling for about three weeks.  She came straight to Denver from visiting her sister down in Madagascar!  That's a good friend!! 

Last but certainly not least here we are in the airport heading home.  Our flight was supposed to leave at 11am but got delayed until about 3pm which was a bummer.  Southwest was really cool about the delay though and gave us each a $100 voucher!  I was definitely looking forward to getting home but being stuck in an airport with these amazing people wasn't so bad!  I gotta give a HUGE shout out and thank you to Becky's Mom Judy (far left) and her sister Heidi (left of me in picture).  They planned and put together an amazing trip which we all enjoyed so much from the matching tank tops and sunglasses to setting up all the reservations and accommodations.  I've had to organize events like these and let me tell you it's tons of work but if there's anyone that deserves it, it's Becky!  Lastly, thanks to Becky for asking us to be part of her special Bachelorette trip.  I had such a wonderful time and was grateful to spend it with such amazing friends!  

As always thanks for checking out my pictures!  I love to travel so let me know your favorite travel spots as I'm always looking to visit some place new!  Send me a message to my facebook page

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