Make It Through Monday - People watching while traveling

I did some traveling to Denver, Co to celebrate my best friend's bachelorette party and remembered the below video I found on facebook a while back.  I thought this was so perfect for today's Make It Through Monday moment, powered by Winkie's in Whitefish Bay, because it will definitely make you laugh but also reminds you people watching while you travel is the absolute best!  You get to see people from so many different walks of life, hear so many interesting stories but also laugh a bit wondering what in the world is wrong with people!  Also, while on vacation hopefully you shared lots of laughs too and this post brought back some of those memories! 

I can't tell you how many times I've been on an airplane and saw someone trying to fit their suitcase in an overhead compartment when it clearly doesn't fit.  The funny thing about this video though is the fact that his suitcase clearly does fit, he just can't figure out how to get it in there!    

After seeing this I have a new appreciation for these kid toys too!  Games on iPads and tablets can really help kids learn but let's not forget about toys like these that teach our kids the basics they'll need their whole lives! 

I love hearing funny travel stories so feel free to share them with me on my Hannah Radio Show Facebook page!  I'd also love to hear your favorite vacation spots because traveling is one of my favorite things to do! 

I bet Winkie's has some great items to make your traveling more enjoyable!  Check them out on the corner of Lake Drive and Silver Spring in Whitefish Bay!

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