Hannah's weekend in pictures

Sorry I only have three pictures for you this weekend but man was I busy!  I spent all day Saturday and Sunday learning to ride a motorcycle and when I say all day I literally mean all day.  Unfortunately two days of riding a motorcycle apparently wasn't enough practice for me as I'm so bummed to report that I didn't pass the final test so I didn't get my motorcycle license.  I was doing a good job during practice and felt comfortable with most of the required activities but when it came to the final test I just fell apart. 

I messed up within the first few seconds of the first of five test courses and I just couldn't bounce back from that.  I let myself get into my head, let my nerves take over and I fell apart.  I'm not upset or embarrassed that I didn't pass, more so disappointed because I knew I could do better that than.  Luckily I get to take the test course over again and next time I'm going to nail it! 

Here I am with Shan and this was Saturday morning before we even touched the bikes for the first time.  The range we practiced at was in the parking lot at Colder's in Oak Creek just off of Ryan Road.  Our group consisted of 10 people, 7 of which were girls, which is awesome!  Everyone was young too!  I think I might have been the second or third oldest.  We had such an awesome group and it was really impressive how quickly everyone caught on.

Here we are at House of Harley-Davidson on Layton.  That's who we took the Riding Academy New Rider Course through.  I can't say enough great things about our instructors Greg and Karen.  They were so patient, knowledgeable and encouraging.  Saturday you start on the range but finish up at House of Harley so that's when we took this picture.  Notice how in the picture above my hair is pretty straight and calm and below it's much larger? That's because it was so hot and sticky on Saturday!  Taking a helmet on and off while sweating in it all day certainly doesn't help either!  Those with curly hair feel my pain.  

This picture is from the end of the day on Sunday after I had finished the final test course.  At this point, even though I hadn't had my meeting with my instructors yet, I had already known I failed because I just made so many mistakes.  As you can tell I'm still smiling though because honestly the entire weekend was so much fun and our group was so great.  We shared many laughs and stories and I enjoyed getting to know each person more.  

Although I didn't pass the test to get my motorcycle license you better believe I'm going to try again.  I can't believe how much fun I had and I'm so proud that in literally just two days I was driving a motorcycle.  I learned so much from this experience and hopefully very soon I get to report that on my second try I passed!  Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my weekend in pictures!  I appreciate it and if you've even tossed around the idea of taking the classes and getting your license I highly recommend you do it!  

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