Hannah's weekend in five pictures 6/29-7/1

You probably won't be surprised that most of my pictures this past weekend are from Summerfest!  I pretty much live down there for 11 days.  I'm definitely working tons but still get to have fun too!  Every year we have a big iHeartMedia Milwaukee staff party down at Summerfest and this year it just so happened to be the hottest day ever!  Hopefully this nice filter covers up just how sweaty and sticky I was but here I am with two of my coworkers Nathan (L) and Rahny (R).  Nathan is our Senior VP of Sales (fancy!) and Rahny leads the Rahny Taylor Morning Show weekdays 5-10am on 97-3 NOW.  We are in the VIP area at the U.S. Cellular® Connection Stage and there is this really cool photo booth called Simple Booth.  You just press a button, it takes your picture, then either emails it to you or sends it to you through text message!  Our team had lots of fun with this photo booth and great news for you, we're getting one for all our radio stations so you can have fun with it too!  Check out the photo gallery from the VIP area and backstage at the U.S. Cellular® Connection Stage at Summerfest! 

On Saturday during the day, I went to a baby shower for my friends Vivian and Chris.  I didn't take any pictures and for that I'm so sorry, but it was like 1,000 degrees outside and I was so hot!  I did take this picture of their party favors though.  Isn't that SO cute!  It's a little bottle of BBQ sauce and then a coozie.  If you knew my friend Vivian you wouldn't at all be surprised. She is so great with these types of things! 

After the baby shower on Saturday I headed down to Summerfest once again for a really cool surprise we did with FM106.1.  We had a listener email us saying her husband was finishing a 13 year career with the U.S. Navy on June 30th and as of July 1 would be a U.S. Navy Veteran.  He is a HUGE fan of Florida Georgia Line so we all thought giving him tickets to see Florida Georgia Line and the opportunity to meet them would be a great way to thank him for his service.  We worked out a plan with his wife to surprise him and the picture you see above is his reaction once he found out.  He was so shocked as he had no idea!  It was so cool to be part of the surprise and just reminds me what a great job I have.  I love being part of these types of opportunities and thankful I get to meet awesome people like Bethany and Nic.  Thanks again Nic for your service and all you've done for us!  

I know what you're thinking...that looks like a crazy group of people!  And to that I would respond, you are correct!  Here I am with a bunch of my friends at the Phil Vassar concert at Summerfest Saturday night.  I've been coming to Summerfest to see Phil pretty much every year since I was in 8th grade.  There is no one that puts on a better show.  Even if you don't like country music I promise you'll end up having a great time at his concert and will end up loving him too!  There's usually a big group of us that go every year.  Some years we lose a few and other years we gain some new people like this year!  My friends' parents joined us for the first time and had a blast!  I love dancing and singing the night away with Phil but I love even more that we all get together for this every year! 

Last and certainly not least was Sunday at Summerfest!  I got to do my show LIVE on 95.7 BIG FM at the U.S. Cellular® Connection Stage for A Flock of Seagulls and Rick Springfield!  Even though it ended up pouring for a bit and I had to finish my show from the back of the 95.7 BIG FM van (see picture here) it was such an amazing day!  Pictures below are with Rick Springfield of course, the drummer from A Flock of Seagulls and me getting ready to introduce Rick Springfield onstage!!!  Although I do work a lot, we always have such much fun and I'm grateful for all these amazing experiences.  Can't wait for week two of Summerfest and the 4th of July!  

Thanks so much for checking out my pics and I hope you had a great weekend too! 

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