Make It Through Monday - Happy Father's Day

If I wrote down all the reasons my Dad was the BEST Dad in the world, this blog would be never ending so I promise I won't do that to you.  Anyone who is lucky enough to know my Dad though, knows he really is one of the best, if not THE best.  Here are some of my favorite things about my Dad.

  1. He's funny without even trying. I can't tell you how many laughs I've had both with him and at him.  He's not one of those joke telling Dads but is genuinely funny without even trying.  He'll say or do things that just put a smile on your face or make you laugh hysterically.  There are many people reading this right now shaking their heads in complete agreement! 
  2. He's 100% always himself.  My Dad has never changed himself or worried about going with the grain and I'm so grateful much of that has rubbed off on me.  Instead of changing to keep up with everything he's just grown as a person which I find very impressive.
  3. He's extremely hard working.  This is something he has definitely passed down to me for which I'm so grateful.  I've never been afraid to get dirty, I have no problem putting in long hours and appreciate all I have from all the hard work I've put in.
  4. He's extremely generous.  My Dad (really both of my parents) is one of the most generous people I've ever met.  He has never turned down the opportunity to help someone and never asks for anything in return.  We had the type of home that was always welcoming and the moment you step foot in the house you're part of the family.  My Dad knows how blessed and fortunate he is and is happy to pass that onto others.  
  5. He loves my Mom.  I swear the older my parents get, the more in love they fall.  If I have half the relationship they have I'd be a happy camper.  He shows my Mom so much love, support and respect and they are such great role models.  In fact my brother and I always joke that we have a lot to live up to! 
  6. He's not perfect.  Just like everyone he has his flaws, but that's a good thing.  That means if I work really hard and really take in all he has taught me I can be just as great as a person as he is which is pretty darn great. 

Thank you so much for everything Dad.  Words really can't express how much you mean to me and how grateful I am for everything you have taught me.  My Make It Through Monday Moment goes out to you and all the amazing Dads.

Take a look at some photos of my Dad.  There's even some oldies but goodies in there! 

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