Hannah's weekend in five pictures 6/15-6/17

You will never hear me complain about the heat! I would much rather have 100 degree temps than cold, rain, snow, wind, etc. I feel like I've been waiting forever for the summer heat and I'm so glad it finally arrived this weekend.  I definitely took advantage of it too!  I will admit that the cooler temperatures we've had, have really helped my radishes grow though!  They are so crunchy and flavorful!  The last couple years my radishes hadn't turned out great so I'm really happy this year they are back to being super awesome!  Friday night I got to pick quite a few from my garden. #success

On Saturday, my parents had a party at their house to welcome my brother's future Mother-in-law to the Midwest!  My brother Derek and his fiance Stacy both live in Chicago and Stacy's mom and nephew just moved from California to Chicago so we threw them a welcome to the Midwest party!  We spent the day on the lake boating, jet skiing and eating of course.  I was having so much fun I actually completely forgot to take pictures!  So here's what I have to share from that party...sorry!! Next party I'll be sure to at least get a big group shot!  

That's me and my two "little" cousins WIlliam (L) and Andrew (R).  For years we've been pretending this swing is a roller coaster.  We bring the bar down from the top and have some fun.  It never gets old! 

This is Otto.  He's my brother Derek and Stacy's dog.  He's so cute but he's huge!  I was laughing telling people someone is going to think there's a wolf loose in Wind Lake because of these huge paw prints in our backyard!  

We spent Father's Day on the lake too just boating and jet skiing around.  It was literally the perfect weather to be on the lake.  While jet skiing you almost hoped you would get sprayed with water to cool down a bit!  My mom doesn't go on the jet skis so my Dad and I just went out for a bit.

We finished the day going for a ride in one of my Dad's cars.  To say he is a car freak is an understatement!  Him and my uncle have quite a few collector cars but they finally purchased one we could actually drive in!  It's a 1971 plymouth hemi road runner clone.  We drove it to go visit my Grandma and she was super excited to see it!  She still knows tons about cars!  It's impressive! 

It was a weekend full of fun in the sun and family time and it was great!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend too and stayed cool!  

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