Make It Through Monday - My garden is growing!

After planting your garden by seed, it's one of the best feelings in the world to see your plants start sprouting for the first time.  To see that green pop out of the dark brown dirt gives you such a feeling of accomplishment and excitement.  Your proud that you've planted successfully but then excited in the near future to be able to eat those vegetables having grown them from seed.  I know it's a lot more work to have a garden then to just go buy vegetables from the store but I swear everything I grow tastes so much better and I know they are 100% chemical free!  This past week was the first time this year I got to enjoy a vegetable from my garden.  I ate a few radishes and was so happy when they were super crunchy and flavorful!  

It really is pretty amazing when you think about how plants grow and I think the same can be said about people.  When I came across the quote below, I knew it would be perfect for one of my Make It Through Monday Moments.  I truly believe life would not be enjoyable if we were able to just sail right on through it with no problems.  You need to have difficult times to really appreciate all the good times in your life.  The hard parts of life are what make it so great!  When you're having a tough time try to remember this little plant.  You have to go through some rough times and really work through those issues in order to come out on top in a happy, positive place.  The harder you work for it the more enjoyable it is in the end!



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