This stuff from growing up in the 90s brings back memories!

I love when I see these types of posts.  It seriously brings back so many memories about stuff I haven't thought about in ages!  I totally wore those jeans at one point in my childhood and they definitely looked like that in our Wisconsin weather!  How about the WordArt Gallery and Minesweeper game!  Seriously that was my childhood!  I think the thing kids today would be most shocked about is the "throwaway" Kodak camera.  We literally took 25 photos and had no idea what they would end up looking like.  We couldn't re-do the photo until we got the perfect angle.  There were no filters to add better lighting and make us look good.  What you captured the first time around is what you got!  Those were the good old days!

Check out this gallery of stuff from the 90s that kids today totally don't understand but brings back great memories for us!  CLICK HERE!



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