Hannah's weekend in five pictures!

Another busy weekend for me!  I certainly don't mind being busy though when my time is filled with celebrating and visiting with family and friends!  I already knew I have the best family and friends but when a special event comes along, like my birthday for example, I'm reminded just how amazing they all really are.  They are definitely something for which I'm grateful every single day.

On Saturday I attended a wedding shower for my friend Becky and her fiance Nick.  It was such a lovely party and I was so grateful to be able to celebrate such an amazing couple.  This is a picture of her and Nick opening their gifts with of course the help of her nieces.  So cute to see that!

Here I am with Becky, the bride to be, and my friend Katilin.  I feel like after a few more weeks of these blogs you'll think of Kaitlin as your friend too you'll see her pop up in so many pictures!  Here's an example of some of the best friends around.  You know the ones who call just to say hi and chat when you haven't seen each other in forever because you've all been so busy.  The ones that you know will always be there for you and accept you 100% for who you are?  Yes I'm blessed to have such amazing friends.  These are just two of them as there are LOTS more!  A few more are even pictured below! 

(Pictured left to right is me, Kaitlin, Brian, Eric with little Emmett, Shannen, Kelli and Mike.)

As I'm sure you've heard by now, today (June 4th) is my birthday!  The world seems to know because I've gotten so much attention today, which is weird for me but I do secretly love it so thank you!  On Sunday, I had just a few people over for a non-birthday celebration, just a get together.  I didn't want any gifts, I just wanted to be with people who make me happy!  We had such an amazing day eating, throwing around a football, laughing and a quick boat ride around the lake since it was a little windy and chilly.  These are the types of friends you don't get to see very often but every time you get together it's like you haven't missed a beat.  Love you all!  

That is Kelli who I think I've known since about 8th grade.  We went to high school together, played many sports together and were even college roommates for a couple years.  The amount of laughs the two of us have shared over the years is unbelievable.   I'm so appreciative of the many years we've shared together and can't wait for many more laughs in our future.  She's for sure one of the best!  

This is Kelli's (and Eric pictured above) son Emmett.  He is seriously the cutest little thing ever!  He was so well behaved and friendly.  I honestly didn't want them to leave I was enjoying having him around at the get together so much!  My Mom was in heaven too.  She LOVES kids and is so good with them.  I just couldn't get over how happy he was the whole time.  I can't wait for them to come over again so we can get him on the boat and into the lake!  He'll have so much fun!

So that was my weekend!  Filled with lots of memories I get to share with family and friends.  Hands down I have the best family and friends and look forward to many more memories made!  

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