Make It Through Monday - Memorial Day

The interesting thing about Memorial Day is that many people don't truly understand why we celebrate it.  We initially just think YEAH a day off of work to grill out and enjoy with family and friends!  Other people thank veterans and those who have/are currently serving in our armed forces.  Although it's important to thank both past and present members of the military, that's not the reason for Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is the day we take time to remember and honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  

I'll be honest, just recently did I really comprehend the real reason for Memorial Day.  Although there's nothing really "happy" about the day, I'm certainly guilty of saying "Happy Memorial Day" but not I'm much more conscience about not saying that.  We're not expected to sit around and be sad all day but it really is important for us to actually acknowledge the real reason for Memorial Day and be more aware of how we handle it.  I thought this was the perfect quote to honor those you have died for our freedom and remind us why we celebrate Memorial Day so here's your Make It Through Monday Moment. 

While you are enjoying being off work, hanging with family and friends, grilling out, spending time on the lake, etc. please take time to remember and honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Military giving us our freedom we get to enjoy today. 



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