Mother's Day Gift Ideas She'll Actually Love

My Mom is THE hardest person to buy gifts for.  Every time Mother's Day, Christmas or her birthday rolls around my brother and I are at a complete loss on what to get her.  She's such an easy going person and is most happy when we're just all together so we usually fall back on some type of gift that involves the family being together.  I feel like we need to do something new though.  She's the most amazing person in the world and anyone who knows her knows that statement is 1,000% true.  She deserves the world but unfortunately I work in radio and can't afford that.  hehe

If you're often facing the same dilemma with what to get your mom for Mother's Day here's a list of some gift ideas from  If you have any ideas for me I'd LOVE to hear them so feel free to message my Facebook page.  Click here or search for Hannah Radio Show.  Like my page while you're there to please!  #shamelesslikerequest

CLICK HERE for the complete list from but here are some of the ideas I liked most. 

  1. Personal Stylist
  2. Digital Photo Frame
  3. First Aid Chocolate Box
  4. SnapBaskets from CleverMade
  5. DNA Ancestry Test

Take a look at some pictures I found of my Mom too!  Make sure you look through until the end.  That last photo will be worth seeing!  It's an oldie! 

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