Best Mexican Restaurant in Wisconsin

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Mexican food is my absolute favorite.  I'm pretty sure I could eat it almost every day.  I've been fortunate enough to eat "real" Mexican food though and I have to be honest the Mexican food we eat here is very different from authentic Mexican food.  I prefer authentic but if it's Mexican, I'll eat it.  With it being Cinco de Mayo on Saturday of course the internet's main focus is Mexican food and posted a list of the best Mexican Restaurant in each state.  Wisconsin's was Café Corazón.  

Café Corazón focuses on using local ingredients from a family farm and their own urban garden.  They have a location in Riverwest and Bay View.  I've never eaten at Café Corazón but after checking out their menu and seeing they have Chilaquiles I can't wait to go check it out!  They have the tacos I like too with onion, cilantro and radishes!  Now my mouth is watering so looks like I need to go try it out a.s.a.p.  If you've ever been there please let me know what you thought!  Send me a message on Facebook (click here) or search Hannah Radio Show!  

No surprise I've got lots of photos of me eating Mexican food!  




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