Make It Through Monday - Weekend Full of Amazing Music

I'm wore out, my entire body hurts and my voice is even deeper than normal but man was it worth it!  What a weekend for music lovers in Milwaukee with Kenny Chesney at Miller Park on Saturday and Bon Jovi playing the final show ever at the BMO Harris Bradley Center on Sunday.  For me though, it all started Friday afternoon when David Lee Murphy came to our station to play for us and a few listeners in an intimate performance here in our building.  

Let me go back a little to explain.  We have six different radio stations here in our building all part of iHeartMedia so it's not unusual that in the same day we have a country artist pop by the station and then a Top 40 artist pay a visit right after.  Yes we are lucky and believe me we don't take it for granted!  In case you're not familiar with David Lee Murphy he's an incredible country artist and songwriter who has one of my all time favorite songs called "Dust On The Bottle".  Listen to it HERE.  He stopped by our station Friday afternoon to play us some music and visit with fans.  Hearing him play "Dust On The Bottle" LIVE in such an intimate space basically leaves me without words to explain how amazing it was.  

Another fact you should probably know is that on top of being on the air on 95.7 BIG FM and FM106.1, I'm also the Promotions Director for iHeartMedia Milwaukee which means I work for all six of our radio stations.  I tell you this because I didn't just get to go to the Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday at Miller Park but I actually got to work it starting at 11am.  Hence why my body aches all over.  Again totally worth it.  I say I "got to" work it because I am truly grateful for my job and all the experiences I've been given.  Music is one of my favorite things in the entire world and I get to "work" with it every single day.  It was so amazing hanging with all our fans and listeners at the Kenny Chesney concert and to see us all sharing in the same passion: MUSIC.  Kenny had with him Brandon Lay (who is an amazing new artist), Old Dominion and Thomas Rhett.  How lucky are we to get to see 4 amazing artists all in one night?!  That was my 4th time seeing a Kenny Chesney show in Milwaukee and once again it did not dissapoint.

And to close out the weekend: BON JOVI!!!  That was my first time ever seeing Bon Jovi and I'm so grateful I finally got the opportunity.  And even cooler that it was the final show ever at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.  I brought my mom with me and we were dancing and singing to every single song.  I'm actually surprised I still have a voice today.  It is quite a bit deeper than normal but at least I still have it!  I was so impressed by Bon Jovi and their gratitude to their fans.  I don't know about you but I really appreciate when an artist tells us, their fans, how much we mean to them and are genuinely grateful to us.  To me that goes a long way and I really believe Bon Jovi appreciates us!  

So at this point you might be wondering why in the world I'm telling you all this but I promise there's a reason.  It was such a long weekend and I'm so tired so I really needed a pick-me-up today and thought quotes about music would be the perfect Make It Through Monday Moment.  It's incredible what music and lyrics can do.  Music brings all people together, it brings back memories, makes you feel tons of different emotions and so much more.  Here are some quotes I thought would be perfect as Make It Through Monday Moments in case anyone else was feeling the same way as me today.

  • That's one of the great things about music.  You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they'll sing ti back for 85,000 different reasons. - Dave Grohl
  • Music helps me forget about the world I live in.
  • Where words fail, music speaks.
  • My taste in music ranges from "you need to listen to this" to " I know, please don't judge me."
  • With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything.
  • Music is life.  That's why our hearts have beats.

With this I hope you can turn to music to help you get through the rest of this Monday and any other time you need a pick-me-up.  Find that "just right song" you need, play it really loudly and let it just take you away.

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