Make It Through Monday - Spring WILL Come

Well it's been a tough last couple of days.  We're technically in springtime but if feels more like winter now than it did when it was actually winter.  The problem with this odd Wisconsin weather we're having is, it changes people's attitudes.  They seem to be more crabby, more tired, less energetic.  There is something about the sunshine and warm weather that really brings out the best in us.  It's hard to look on the bright side when you're freezing, digging your car out of snow, have a much longer commute and are just so over it but we have to at least try!  Here's today's Make It Through Monday Moment that will hopefully remind you that warmer weather will come!

It's so easy to complain and be annoyed about the weather.  In fact in Wisconsin many times that's all we talk about!  We'll be so much happier if we try to be positive and remember that it won't be like this forever.  Here are some things that hopefully put a smile on your face while thinking of them.

  • The first time you can consistently leave the house without a jacket
  • When everything starts to turn green
  • When there is still snow on the ground but you can see blooms poking through
  • Starting your garden by seed a little earlier in the season

Another suggestion for a pick me up today would be to look back at pictures from last summer or warm vacations!  

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