Make It Through Monday - Teamwork

Anyone who knows me probably figured my quote for teamwork would be "teamwork makes the dream work" since I use it all the time, but I'm going a different route today.  It was so hard for me to chose just one quote about teamwork because there are so many that I love that say so much.  Let's go back to how I came up with the theme "teamwork" for today.  

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Milwaukee Admirals game and watched them pull off a win keeping their playoff hopes alive!  It might be a slim chance they make it to the playoffs but bottom line, there's still a chance.  Admirals were losing with just a few minutes left in the third period but ended up scoring to tie the game sending it into overtime.  Remember my quote from last week was about never giving up.  Are you seeing the theme here?  Perfect tie in right?  So now the Admirals are playing sudden death overtime 3 vs 3 and because they never game up and worked as a team they pulled off a super exciting win keeping their playoff hopes alive!  

My quote for today that will hopefully help you make it through Monday is this: If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together. (African Proverb)

I'm a huge believer in teamwork.  Success feels so much better when you achieve it as a team and have someone to share it with.  Not one person got that admirals win.  They got it as a team. The first player had to score, another player had to help them tie it up, the goalie had to miss a goal here and there to keep his team fired up and pushing, their coaches had to keep them calm and collected and in the right headspace to finish the game when they were losing, the fans had to be loud letting them know we were right there in the fight with them, so on and so on and so on.  

Most of us are fine on our own.  We get things done well, on time, etc. but just for one moment think about how much farther we can go when we're part of a team.  When each person plays a role so it's not all falling on one person.  The new ideas that are generated when more people are involved.  How much more amazing it is when you get to share success with someone who also knows how good it feels to win that game after all that hard work. 

If you missed the game yesterday or want to relive how great it was check out the highlights from the Milwaukee Admirals Facebook page: 

Here are some photos from the game too!

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