Happy Hour with Hannah - Tortoise Creek Pinot Noir

Well hello $8 bottle of wine that's amazing!!  Hard to believe we could get such a great selection of Pinot Noir for just $8 and I'm so excited it's being featured on Happy Hour with Hannah and Otto's Wine & Spirits!  

The 2016 Tortoise Creek Pinot Noir is an Otto's Wine & Spirits favorite and one of their best-selling wines.  Any why wouldn't it be!  It's an unbelievable deal!  A seductive, gorgeously lush wine that's available to us for just $8?  You can't beat that!  It's perfect to bring to your Easter celebrations because all your family and friends will think you spent a fortune getting them such an amazing wine and they'll love that!  Your secret is safe with me though! 

It really is surprising you can get such a great wine for such a low price because it takes patience and tremendous knowledge to produce a quality Pinot Noir, which is made from a fickle grape varietal.  It's sourced from the best cool climate vineyards throughout California.  The color is very deep red and aromas include delicious cherries and raspberries.  It will pair well with grilled or roasted meats, tuna or pasta!  All this plays a part in why it received a 90-point score from the Wine Enthusiast!

Don't wait to pick-up your bottle of this amazing 2016 Tortoise Creek Pinot Noir for just $8 at Otto's Wine & Spirits.  Click here to find the nearest location to you.  As always we'll be jumping on 95.7 BIG's Facebook page to go LIVE tomorrow (Thursday, March 29th) at 4pm.  I'll have brand new guests with me who have never made an appearance on Happy Hour with Hannah and Otto's Wine & Spirits so I can't wait for you to meet them!

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