Happy Hour with Hannah - Champagne Taittinger

It's true, I'm a bit indifferent to Valentine's Day.  That's just me though.  I don't need flowers or candy, a simple extra I love you for the day would be just fine.  Personally I think we deserve candy and flowers all the time on random days.  Not just one!  One thing I'm all about though is celebrating Valentine's Day with a nice Champagne and Otto's Wine & Spirits definitely provided us just that for Happy Hour with Hannah.  

Champagne Taittinger is from Reims Champagne, France and is still a family-owned Champagne house established in the early 1930s.  They are a very distinguished brand that owns a large number of vineyards totally nearly 770 acres!  They consistently receive outstanding scores of 90 points and above.  It definitely shows that they are a world class Champagne producer, especially with this non-vintage Champagne Taittinger.  

Taittinger is unique because they use a higher percentage of Chardonnay grapes in their final blend.  They also age their wines more than twice the legal requirement.  All of this creates a creamy palate, with a hint of toast, balanced by some citrus zing.  The color is a subtle, pale, gold with fine, persistent bubbles.  It's really delicate with aromas of peach, white flowers, vanilla pod and brioche on the nose.  The flavors you get are of fresh fruit and honey.  

Usually you think of Champagne as a luxury item which should be reserved for special occasions but not this one!  It's the most versatile food-pairing wine and so delicious so you should really enjoy it all year round!  It usually retails for about $50 but Otto's Wine & Spirits has it for just $39.99!  Click here to find a location nearest you!

Don't forget to join me and two of my coworkers for Happy Hour with Hannah and Otto's Wine & Spirits on 95.7 BIG FM's Facebook page.  We'll be going LIVE today at 4pm telling you all about this amazing Champagne Taittinger and talking about how much dating has changed over the years.  I'm sure some fun dating stories will come out too!  Most importantly don't forget to pick up your bottle of Champagne Taittinger at Otto's Wine & Spirits

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