Is Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback?

There's no denying that Aaron Rodgers is one amazing quarterback.  He's had his fair share of bad games of course but everyone is entitled to a bad day now and again right?  When he's on he's on and it's so good.  I always said I loved watching Brett Favre play because he had such heart and excitement and was literally just fun to watch.  Aaron Rodgers is fun to watch but in a different way.  When he throws that ball up in the air he's not just hoping it hits his guy.  He plays with such precision and accuracy that it's literally talent and training that has gotten him this far.  It's incredible to see and obviously even better when you're a packers fan.  For those who don't like the packers, all good, but you have to admit Aaron Rodgers is one amazing football player.  Watch the video below for a little story and some of Aaron's best highlights.  



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