Pabst is launching a new cannabis-infused seltzer, starting with California

Pabst Brewing Company, which launched in 1844, launched a new beverage product in California, going where no major beverage company legally ventured before. The company, based in Milwaukee for over 140 years before its headquarters moved to Los Angeles - and now to San Antonio - announced a new addition to its non-alcoholic beverage lineup: a cannabis-infused seltzer.

Titled PBR Original Lemon Cannabis-Infused Seltzer, it features infused THC (not CBD, TH-freakin-C) and would only be available in states where recreational use of marijuana is legal.

"Response has been overwhelming," said Mark Faicol, the brand manager at Pabst Labs. He noted the biggest challenge is keeping up with demand, as the product already launched in California.

Other states may follow soon. I'm guessing this could provide a boost for restaurant takeout, pizza delivery, and general sales of snack chips.