Wisconsin Craft Breweries: We cover a bunch in the newest Cabin Podcast!

It's time for BREW-sconsin talk on the newest episiode of The Cabin Podcast, where Mariah and I talk craft breweries and their unique offerings around the state. And no, we couldn't cover them all. But you have a lot of good leads!

Since we're talking statewide, we couldn't note all of the two dozen-plus breweries around the Milwaukee area, but we did reach out to New Glarus, Potosi, La Crosse, Waupaca, and a ton of other places. Check it out on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, or stream it below!

And by the way, I'd love to hear what your favorite craft breweries are around the Milwaukee area, SE Wisconsin, and statewide! You can also get some great coverage of breweries around the state on my StateTrunkTour.com site, where I've already hit quite a few!