Check out this very 80s Cherry Coke ad with Cameo

"Cherry Coke" was popular in soda fountains and diners for decades, where they would add cherry-flavored syrup to Coca-Cola. Finally in 1985, the Coca-Cola Corporation decided to release a cherry-flavored version of its signature soft drink, and it took off like a rocket (unlike their "New Coke" disaster of 1986, but that's another story.) It proved popular, and a ton of commercials were filmed to help promote the beverage.

In 1986, the legendary soul/funk group Cameo had a massive hit with "Word Up" and Coca-Cola, based in Atlanta just like Cameo, signed them up for a performance involving a slight alteration in the lyrics. Enjoy this brief commercial, which is VERY 80s - and very cherry - and be prepared to hear "Word Up" on 95.7 BIG FM shortly!

Word... -- Eric

The original video for "Word Up" is pretty good too, and in case you don't remember it... well, here it is!