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It's National Cheeseburger Day! Check out our show and some favorites here.

Let's face it, cheeseburgers are among the tastiest foods ever created. It's not merely my opinion, it's a fact (just go with me on this.)

Today, September 18th, is National Cheeseburger Day. To celebrate, I have my Discover Wisconsin episode on "8 Unique Wisconsin Cheeseburgers" below for your viewing pleasure. And some of my favorite picks around town. And I'd LOVE to hear some of yours! I'm always looking to expand my horizons.

My favorites, for various reasons, include:

Oscar's Pub & Grill, 1712 W. Pierce Street, Milwaukee

Stack'd Burger Bar, 170 S. 1st Street, Milwaukee

Sobelman's, 1919 W. St. Paul Avenue, Milwaukee

Solly's Grille, 4629 N. Port Washington Road, Milwaukee

Kopp's in Greenfield, Brookfield, and Glendale

Wedl's, 200 E. Racine Street (U.S. 18), Jefferson

Kewpee Burgers, 520 Wisconsin Avenue, Racine

Mazo's, 3146 S. 27th Street, Milwaukee

Nite Owl Drive-In, 830 E. Layton Avenue, Milwaukee

Lulu Cafe, 2265 S. Howell (at Kinnickinnic) in Bay View, Milwaukee

Milk Can Hamburgers (Food Truck, they go all over)

And by the way, not only is a good, melty cheese one of the secrets to an excellent cheeseburger, but for burgers in general a toasted or lightly to moderately grilled bun (brushed with butter if grilled) adds so much. A slight crunch, and it holds toppings in better! #burgertip

For the Discover Wisconsin episode below, I got to sample 8 unique cheeseburgers from different places all around the state. We're talking elk burgers with Gouda in Schofield near Wausau, a stuffed mushroom and swiss burger in Sun Prairie, bleu cheese burgers in Green Bay, a massively cheesy burger in Oconomowoc, a spicy burger in Milwaukee and a monstrously spicy burger in Ellsworth, a breakfast burger with everything from eggs and ham to peanut butter in La Crosse, and even a "burger war" in New Glarus. Join me for this tour of taste bud temptations, and while you're at it, feel free to comment here on what you feel is a UNIQUE cheeseburger in Wisconsin - I'll be happy to go try it!

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