Rent The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mansion on Airbnb... $30/night!(?!?)

Will Smith and Airbnb are hooking up for a special opportunity for you to indulge your fandom of the hit show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In October, you'll have an opportunity to stay in the mansion where the show was set - or at least part of it - for the insanely awesome price of $30 for the night (in LA?? A BEER costs $30 in LA!)

Touted as “The Freshest Los Angeles Mansion Around,” the Airbnb listing was able to happen with the cooperation of the property owner. The rental offers guests access to the master wing full of amenities inspired by the show, including the dining room (complete with a throne) and the posh backyard with a swimming pool and outdoor lounge. DJ Jazzy Jeff, Will Smith's partner in hit songs like Summertime and Parents Just Don't Understand, will greet you virtually.

Is the timing interesting? Of course, there's a reason for everything. Smith just teased a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" reunion to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show. The special is reportedly scheduled to air sometime around Thanksgiving on HBO Max.

The mansion itself, which is really in the tony Brentwood section of Los Angeles, hasn't been very accessible to the public. It's been in the same ownership since 1978, when it sold for $732,000 - back THEN. I'm not sure how much that would be now, but my guess would be $3-4 million or so. Oh, and one catch: the Airbnb rental is technically only open to Los Angeles County residents due to COVID-19 restrictions, but you can get creative. Maybe you have friends who live in the county, right?

It should be a fun time! No word, however, on whether Alfonso Ribero will sing and dance to "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones - because that would be awesome.

Check out the Airbnb listing for yourself!

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