Guy cited for swimming in the aquarium tank at Bass Pro Shop

Have you ever gone to Bass Pro Shop, or any place with a huge aquarium on display, and thought "I wanna jump in there and swim around!"

Well, one guy in Bossier City, Louisiana did, and now he's been cited. 26-year-old Kevin Wise did a not-wise thing when he jumped in the tank and swam around; he was filmed by a guy named Treasure McGraw (which sounds like a made-up name for a TV show, but I digress), who videoed Wise swimming in the fish tank, climbing out of it, and then running out of the Bass Pro Shop. He was arrested when he returned - which begs the question, why would he??

Bass Pro Shop had to empty and clean the 13,000-gallon aquarium, which features species of fish local to the region.

Here's the video of him swimming around in the tank, part of a report from a TV station in Louisiana:

Photo credit: Getty images

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