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Wearing a face mask AND glasses? Here's how to stop them from fogging up

Parts - actually wide swaths - of Wisconsin are starting to re-open, a topic that can launch plenty of debates in itself. Regardless, a lot of people are wearing masks to either prevent themselves from spreading germs and possibly COVID-19 - the most effective use of a mask - or to prevent potentially catching germs or viruses while in public. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended that all Americans wear a cloth face mask in public; places like Los Angeles County in California actually now require people to masks in public spaces and inside open businesses.

One of the big issues with masks is for people who also wear glasses; they found that as they exhale, their breath fogs up the lenses. Even weather changes as you go between inside and outside can cause glasses to fog up, partially because masks block some of the air flow that can help keep glasses clear.

So if you wear a mask, first of all make sure the mask is rated highly enough to block COVID-19 particles, or else it's not really at that effective. Second, if you wear glasses, here are some ways you can help prevent that fogging up of your lenses:

Tissues. If you fold a tissue horizontally and set it along the top of your mask, it will help block the moisture from your breath and prevent lens fogging.

Flexible Wire. Use a mask with a flexible wire that folds or molds up and over the bridge of your nose; this helps block exhaled air that would fog up your glasses.

Soapy Water. Washing your glass lenses with soapy water leaves a thin film of soap on them that reduces surface tension and spreads out water molecules, helping to prevent or remove fog.

Get the full info on this piece from Forbes!

Still looking to make a mask? Check out this video from the CDC below. Stay safe!

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