Jason Mamoa starred in the best commercial in last night's game

Last night's NFL Championship Game (not sure if we're allowed to use the term that rhymes with "Booper Coal" legally, so I'm just gonna avoid it) was fun to watch and had a lot of great moments. Kansas City did their usual fall-behind-and-then-go-nuts-and-win strategy and the halftime show with J-Lo and Shakira was energetic and worthy of debate (exciting choreography, or strip show? for example...)

But the commercials are also a huge staple of game-watching, and there were a number of hits and quite a few misses. We can debate the merits of most of them, but let's face it: the Rocker Mortgage ad featuring Jason Momoa probably got the most positive reaction overall. While showing how being at home let him be comfortable in his own skin, special effects showed him taking off most of his muscles, revealing a comb-over, and more. Watch it for yourself below and tell me if you don't agree.

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