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KISS - as a trio - plays a set to attract sharks. They didn't show up.

KISS has done a lot in its 45+ years of playing and touring, but when they announced a performance for Great White Sharks would take place in November, eyebrows were raised. But it sounded cool, right?

The Australian leg of the tour had numerous cancelled dates, however, with Paul Stanley in Los Angeles tending to the flu. But as a trio, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer knew the show had to go on in Port Lincoln, off the southern coast of Australia. The city is known as "The Seafood Capital of Australia" so it was considered the perfect place to perform for seafood and sea creatures. Why no draw sharks if you can?

Things didn't go as planned, however. KISS initially planned on using a glass-bottomed boat in the ocean, with a select group of human passengers in the audience. Band members and passengers would be able to look down to see if KISS' music, which will be pumped into the water through special speakers, will attract sharks.

As it turned out, they had to downsize a bit. Eight audience members did get to submerse themselves in the water in a sub and watch Simmons, Thayer, and Singer blast out a five song set that included "Calling Dr. Love," "Deuce," "I Love It Loud," "Black Diamond," and "Rock and Roll All Nite." The audience had a great time.

The sharks, however, were not drawn to the music. None showed up, in what is normally often referred to as "shark-infested waters." Maybe KISS' music could be used for shark repellent?

With Paul Stanley expected to be back and fully recovered, KISS will resume the End of the Road tour next month in Japan.

See the report on it below!

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