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Alton Brown is BACK with Good Eats!

Alton Brown's fantastic Food Network show Good Eats ended its run in 2011, much to the chagrin of foodie fans everywhere. But fortunately, a second run is about to start.

Brown announced that the show will return, with the first episode released on your TV (or computer, phone, or tablet) screen on Sunday, August 25th.

Why did it go away in the first place? Brown had these comments in an interview with the Daily Meal:

“First, I knew media consumption was going to evolve massively,” he told The Daily Meal during a recent phone call. “I wanted to see how that would change, because I knew it was going to affect things. Second, I wanted to see how food awareness was going to change, because we can get our hands on a lot more ingredients today than you could even five years ago. And third, I was getting bored with the technology I had available to me at the time, and I wanted to wait for newer, more technically sophisticated equipment to become affordable.”

As for the new Good Eats shows?

“These are the best shows I’ve ever made,” Brown said, confidently. “For the first time in my career, I have not one apology, not one regret. If this somehow isn’t good enough, it’s time to start looking for a new job."

And one reason they're doing more in-studio shoots vs. out and about?

“It’s impossible to shoot on location anymore,” he revealed. “You can’t walk into a location [like a supermarket or kitchen supply store] when it’s open and film there, like we used to do. Now we have to go when it’s closed and shoot all night long.”

Brown went on to note that smartphones have changed the game, how if you're shooting on location, anyone can just take out their phone and start filming (I've run across this with Discover Wisconsin.) He didn't want that, so they built new sound stages and invested in a while lot of equipment.

And you can see the first full episode, where Alton begins tackling the mystery of how to get the best Chicken Parmigiana, here or below!


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