LISTEN: Wayne Nelson of the Little River Band ahead of their Saturday show

The Little River Band formed as an early "supergroup," in a sense, in Australia in 1975. Numerous personnel changes have taken place over the years, including the addition of Wayne Nelson in 1980, right as the band was approaching its nadir with huge hits like "Lady," "Reminiscing," and "Cool Change." Early founding members Graeham Goble, Glenn Shorrock, and others departed in the early 1980s and other members have taken their place. All the while, hits kept coming, including "The Night Owls" and "Take It Easy On Me," songs Nelson sung in the lead - to his early surprise, especially because legendary producer Sir George Martin (you may have heard of his work with The Beatles) selected him to sing lead.

Personnel changes have proved controversial at times, and Wayne dives into some of them. We talk some of their most popular songs and some of the newer material they've put out - and they have a new album in the works. We talk about his wife's book about life on the road, audience reception to new music vs. the established hits, and why music in the genre of "yacht rock" has come back big-time in the last few years.

We cover a lot of topics and some interesting ground. Check out my conversation with Wayne Nelson of the Little River Band here, and get ready to see them perform - with some "spontaneous sprinkles" (listen to find out what that's all about) in this newest EricCast podcast!


Photo credit: Little River Band, Pabst Theater

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