You can now buy US postage stamps honoring military dogs

You might recall back in February when the US Postal Service announced that one of this year’s “forever” stamp collections will honor the “nation’s brave and loyal military working dogs.” Dogs have served in the US military since World War I, and an estimated 2,300 military working dogs serve on US bases worldwide. The dogs perform dangerous tasks alongside service members, often using their noses and convenient sizes for searches and rescues.

And now, you can buy stamps honoring these dogs and the valuable work they do. The stamps feature four breeds that commonly serve in the armed forces: German shepherd, Labrador retriever, Belgian Malinois and the Dutch shepherd. The dogs are featured on top of a white star with a red or blue background. They're 55-cent stamps (good forever, remember) and you can buy them online on the United States Postal Service site.

The tricky part now is figuring out whom to mail something...

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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